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Meet Dr Simon Poole

Simon Poole MBBS DRCOG FBMA MIANE is a Cambridge-based medical medical doctor, author, communicator and consultant and is an internationally renowned authority on the science and application of the Mediterranean Diet and lifestyle, explaining and celebrating the combination of wonderful ingredients in this beautiful cuisine which can add years to life. He is an expert scientific consultant on Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and a member of the Advisory Board of the Olive Wellness Institute.

Latest Books

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Client Services

Simon is an experienced, authoritative and passionate motivational speaker on the evidence-based Mediterranean Diet – the healthiest lifestyle in the world. Simon offers a number of client consultancy services  including public speaking, radio or television interviews,  education seminars and more.

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Understanding the Real Mediterranean Diet is a journey of discovery, with research now unlocking the nutritional secrets deeply embedded in the intuitive wisdom, traditions, landscape, culture and cuisine of those ancient lands which border the sea.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil is at the heart of the Mediterranean Diet and lifestyle. This unique oil has been shown to bring significant, powerful and long-lasting health benefits.

Latest Videos

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Live on Fox5 Washington D.C
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