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Client Services

Simon is an experienced, authoritative and passionate motivational speaker on the evidence-based Mediterranean Diet – the healthiest lifestyle in the world. Simon offers a number of client consultancy services  including public speaking, radio or television interviews, education seminars and more.

To find out more about any of these services or to enquire about booking Simon for a guest-speaking, educational or other role please contact us

Educational seminars.jpeg

Educational Seminars and Interactive Classes

Education is key to understanding the Mediterranean Diet and delivering the extraordinary benefits. Whether online or in person, a programme presenting the alchemy of the Mediterranean lifestyle is available as a single event or a series of classes adapted for general or more specialist audiences. 

Employee wellbeing.jpeg

Employee Health and Wellbeing Workshops

Organisations are increasingly understanding the importance of employee wellbeing and the advantages of a healthy workforce. Those within a corporate environment feel valued and nurtured when offered access to high quality advice to maintain fitness and health. Workshops are designed with team building exercises and interactive sessions to ensure the programme is both instructive and enjoyable for all participants. 

Supporting trade events.jpeg

Supporting events for Trade Associations and Businesses

Trade Associations, countries who depend on agricultural exports and individual businesses involved in all aspects of the Mediterranean Diet and lifestyle including food production have a significant opportunity to gain leverage in markets through education of consumers. These consumers are increasingly focused on the importance of health. Education, whether online or through trade or other events, empowers all those involved from "farm to fork" to understand the importance of maximising the understanding of the benefits of Mediterranean products on health. The voice of an independent, international authoritative expert with experience in research, public and patient facing work is immeasurably powerful.

Launch events and publicity.jpeg

Launch Events and Publicity Campaigns

Keynote speaking, media engagement or online promotion of the Mediterranean Diet can support publicity campaigns or new product launches when consistent with the principles of the lifestyle. 

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Working with the Media

With considerable experience working with international broadcasters and media outlets please use the contact form for interview and other requests for expert comment on all aspects of the Mediterranean Diet and lifestyle as well as subjects related to olive oil.

Supporting Tourism_edited.png

Supporting Tourism

Working with travel and tourism is an area of increasing interest with programmes related to the alignment of tourism and food already delivered in Spain, Italy and Jordan in addition to experience as a regular guest speaker with Viking Cruises relating travel with the enjoyment of local cuisine and culinary traditions. 

Olive Oil tasting.jpeg

Olive Oil Tasting Education

Olive oil tasting seminars are an excellent and fun way to become familiar with the wide range of extra virgin olive oils, their health and sensory profiles, as well as practical guidance on getting the most out of extra virgin olive oil in the kitchen and pairing with different foods. Seminars can be arranged with leading international sommeliers and competition judges as well as acclaimed chefs including Masterchef winners in the UK and abroad. 

Spanish National Chefs at the Harvard Club New York.jpg

Simon with the Spanish National Chefs at the Harvard Club New York


Simon at the Food Values conference at the Vatican

Simon has presented at the following institutions, academies, universities, TV shows, societies and more:

  • The Mediterranean Diet Roundtable

  • Yale University 

  • The Vatican Pontifical Academy of Sciences 

  • Italian Trade Commission

  • The Harvard Club New York

  • Bioactives and Polyphenols Conference Parma

  • Royal College of General Practitioners 

  • British Medical Association 

  • Speciality Food Show 

  • Food Matters

  • European Society of Cardiology 

  • Cambridge Medical Society 

  • National Association of Primary Care 

  • Cambridge Institute of Public Health 

  • The Global Center for Nutrition and Health 

  • National Womens' Institute 

  • Cambridge School of Nutrition 

  • London International Olive Oil Competition 

  • Olive Oil Times Sommelier Courses 

  • World Olive Oil Exhibition 

  • Californian Olive Oil Association

  • Food and Drink Innovation Network 

  • Aging and Aesthetics Conference 

  • Old Parliament Athens 

  • Olive Wellness Association Sydney

  • Embassy of Tunisia

  • Viking Cruises 

  • BBC

Dr Simon Poole is available for public and private events to present specifically designed programmes or provide representational and ambassadorial services to suit your organisational need for:


  • Authoritative and Inspirational Nutrition and Lifestyle Communication

  • Motivational, Promotional and Educational Masterclasses on the Mediterranean Diet and Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

  • Presentations at Medical Conferences or Food Shows

  • Workplace and Client Wellness


  • Culinary and Health Tourism

  • Championing of National and Regional Food and Agricultural Heritage

  • Education for Students of Nutrition and Cookery


  • Brand and Product Aligned Nutrition Advocacy, Showcasing and   Endorsement - Telling the Stories of Healthy Products to Consumers

  • Trade Association and Business Support, Launch Events and Media *Supporting Export into New and Emerging Markets.

  • Delicious and Healthy Private or Public Food and Sommelier Events.

  • Lifestyle and Nutrition for Best Diabetes Management

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