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Recommended by the World Health Organisation and perennial winner of the US News Best Diet Awards, the Mediterranean Diet is well-established as an evidence-based pattern of eating which can contribute significantly to a long and healthy life. Yet all too often the Mediterranean Diet is described in a sentence or two, reduced to vegetables, fruit, fish and olive oil.

Understanding the Real Mediterranean Diet is a journey of discovery, with research now unlocking the nutritional secrets deeply embedded in the intuitive wisdom, traditions, landscape, culture and cuisine of those ancient lands which border the sea.

  • Recognize the elements of the diet that fight inflammation and protect from heart disease, cancers and dementia.

  • Understand the science of ingredient combinations which supercharge the Mediterranean Diet.

  • Harness the foods which nurture our friendly gut bacteria, support a healthy immune system and even influence our genes.

  • Train the senses to see and taste the power of antioxidants.

  • Get to know polyphenols – probably the most important things you eat you’ve never heard of…

  • Lose weight sustainably and feel better along the way.

  • Eat as if the planet depends on it.

  • Take the Mediterranean Diet quiz and see rapid progress to the world’s healthiest diet.

  • Achieve the Real Mediterranean Diet through a simple yet effective 7-day programme.

  • Learn to prepare beautiful Mediterranean cuisine and enjoy recipes from international celebrity chefs interpreting and promoting the Mediterranean Diet across the world.  

Please note The Real Mediterranean Diet is available for purchase on Amazon worldwide – there are quick links below to the UK and USA pages on Amazon but you will be able to find and buy the book no matter where you are located.

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